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Automatic Voltage Stabilizers

Automatic Voltage Stabilizers

Automatic Voltage Stabilizers

We manufacture and exports the wide range of automatic voltage stabilizer, servo voltage stabilizer, three phase voltage stabilizer, and voltage stabilizers.

Special Features Of Power's Make Automatic Voltage Stabilizer:
    The efficiency of power makes stabilizers is more than 98-99% in comparison to 93-97% of conventional make available in the market depending upon the input voltage range. Thus, a 500 KVA conventional type stabilizer or conventional servo voltage stabilizers will consume additional power itself minimum Rs. 80,000 p.a. (even when running at 60% load and 20 hours a day) on account of its lower efficiency by 2%.
  2. BETTER LIFE- The life of make servo voltage stabilizers is more than 10/15 years at full load in comparison to 2/3 years of conventional make.
  3. DUTY CYCLE Conventional type stabilizers are suitable for 30-40% load on continuous duty cycle. Our automatic voltage stabilizers are Heavy Duty Industrial type and are suitable for 100% load continuous duty cycle. For a running load of 200 KVA, generally, 400 KVA / 500 KVA conventional type stabilizer is installed while make 200 / 250 KVA is suitable.
  4. Approximate quantitative advantages of automatic voltage controller at various fluctuation levels
    1. In the Conventional Dimmerstat of 100 Amps. the current, winding is done by 10 mm2 approx. copper wire, while in our voltage regulators of 100 Amps. use a copper strip of cross-section area 20 mm2 copper. That means our copper area for the same voltage input regulators is double than that of dimmer stat used by other manufacturers.
    2. In the voltage regulators manufactured by us, the roller moves on both sides of the coils i.e. in one direction, it increases the voltage and in the other directions, it decreases the voltage. In conventional dimmerstats brush moves in only one direction, requiring double capacity dimmerstat than used by us.

    Servo Voltage Stabilizers are available in a wide range and various models. The standard three phase models are suitable for balanced-unbalanced supply and loads. The standard models conform to the following specifications :

    Comparison Of Power Make Regulator With Conventional RegulatorThe efficiency and life of power make Automatic Servo Voltage Stabilizers is much better as compared to the Conventional Servo Voltage Stabilizers manufactured by other manufacturers as per the details are given below.
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